Vaccines for Our Daughters

What if you could give your daughter a vaccine that would prevent her from getting a deadly cancer? But, your Church tells you that such cancer-prevention methods were akin to promoting promiscuity . . . and, thus, should be banned!

Well, that is exactly what is happened in Calgary, Canada. The human papilloma virus (HPV)  is a sexually transmitted disease that leads to cervical cancer. Surprisingly, unlike most cancers, we have a method to prevent certain strains of HPV from causing cancer.

Catholic conservatives (and other conservatives) think that giving our daughters this vaccine will condone premarital sex and promiscuity, even though they have NO data that connects vaccinations with engaging in sex.

According to an online article, “Calgary is the only major city in Canada with a publicly funded school board that withholds the vaccine on religious grounds.”

The article also notes that: “The resistance can be traced to a 2008 edict from Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary and other Alberta bishops.”

A school board member suggests (wrongly) that the vaccine is not in accordance with the teachings of our church. I happen to think preventing deadly illness in our daughters is very much in line with the teachings of our church.


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